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Testimonials and Awards

Welcome to our testimonials section. Below you will see only some of the testimonials we have received from our many happy students. One of the greatest testimonials received has been our independent vetting and subsequent award from the Global Banking & Finance Review for "Best Online Trading Educator 2012" and again for "Best Online Trading Educator 2013".

Project Manager, Chris Williams from GBAF stated "I confirm the Academy of Financial Trading has been selected as Best Online Trading Educator 2012 by the judging panel at Global Banking and Financial Review. Well done on your success and I wish you the very best for 2012 knowing the firm came through a rigerous process from nomination to eventual success".

In 2013, David Dineen from Global Business and Finance stated "It is not surprising that the Academy of Financial Trading have yet again won this prestigous award in 2013. Their depth of knowledge, levels of transparency, technology and customer support are second to none. It is great that individuals can be shown objectively the realities of trading and have this level of experience and support at hand. It is no wonder that the Academy of Financial Trading continues to grow and be such a success".

Academy of Finanial Trading Best Online Trading Educator 2012 Academy of Finanial Trading Best Online Trading Educator 2013

Some of our Testimonials

Foundation Trading Programme Testimonials Academy of Financial Trading

After 25 years in the Financial Services sector (Barclays) I was a little sceptical prior to sitting the Foundation Course. In retrospect I needn’t have been. I'm delighted with every aspect and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending to anyone seeking a future in this field.

After the outstanding professionalism throughout the Foundation, I had no hesitation in enrolling for the Ultimate Programme. For anyone reading this, the UTP course content is sizable and requires your full commitment. If you dedicate your time you will learn specific techniques for long term technical trading and the paramount risk management strategy attached. You will learn where to enter specific trades, when to get out, how to maximise profits and minimise losses.

The subject matter is extensive with in-depth study across a wide span of markets. The videos play a vital role here in grasping concepts and aiding development. James, may I express my sincere thanks for your wonderful support, responding to all questions, both real-time during webinars and by email & phone. I cannot endorse you highly enough! Keep up the good work guys!

Craig B.

Foundation Trading Programme

Having heard adverse publicity about some online trading educational companies I can genuinely say that I did not identify your company with those articles. provided a genuine opportunity to gain a quality introduction to a new income stream and followed up with a more in-depth course that made no false promises, but was full of vital information of the what, where, why and how for share trading. With access to all lecturers, unlimited access to the webinar videos and notes for the Ultimate trader course emailed to me this course is the "real deal".

I took both Foundation and the Ultimate Trader course and enjoyed the whole Webinar experience. You gave excellent value for money, the course was very informative, honest and practical and you have been very supportive at every stage during both courses and continue to do so.


Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

A testimonial for our Foundation Trading Programme

Imagine the film Jaws. Scary waters filled with big fish and just when you think it is safe, along comes another nasty shock. This sums up my previous experience in trading. It was a disaster and I was highly sceptical that trading was nothing but some kind of scam and the organizers were probably trying to make some easy money. After all in my mind, if you can make money trading, why waste time teaching? Then the reality. James and his team were incredibly patient and I didn't hide my scepticism. Support was quick efficient and thorough when answering any questions and queries I have had in great detail. The course was well structured, delivered with enthusiasm, motivational and was filled with live examples. It was also fun! I really enjoyed it and what was important for me was it included introductions to online demo accounts, how to set up and utilise. So this really was a full foundation course with no content left unconsidered. It is an essential course to gaining a solid grounding in trading, understanding the terminology and essential to understanding the strategies taught at the higher level course, also taught by the academy.

A testimonial for our Ultimate Traders Programme

The Ultimate Traders Programme was the turning point for me. Following the foundation course, I quickly realised I needed a strategy if I was to be consistently profitable. The UTP provided this and much more. I admit it was a leap of faith. You must consider the course cost, time commitment and whether to trust the academy, but certainly no regrets from my side.
The content was well structured, fit for purpose and gave a complete strategy, reasoning and support. The course was well delivered, flexible according to the needs of the participants and well thought out. I particularly appreciated the personal touch. James and his team always treated me as an individual and give me the time I needed to develop, outside of the set tuition in particular. They could not have been more helpful.
Based on my experience I am happy to advise others to seriously consider this course and most importantly, this is a team that can be trusted to deliver on what they offer. My thanks to Academy FT.

Philip I.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

A testimonial for our Foundation Trading Programme

I recently became interested in learning the art of trading, as I was looking for something that was more reliable and scientific than just participating in the stock market trying to pick the right shares to buy and sell. I was a bit uncertain at first about doing this course as I was concerned that trading was particularly volatile and involved too much risk taking.
What a positive surprise this course proved to be!
The guys at AcademyFT are extremely professional in their approach and their understanding of risk management and analysis was a real eye-opener for me. This course taught me more about investor psychology, risk management and a disciplined investing mindset than anything else I had come across in all the years I had bought and sold in the share market. I quickly realised just how thorough and thoughtful the AcademyFT approach to trading was, and having completed this course there was never any doubt that I would follow it up with the Ultimate Traders Course.

A testimonial for our Ultimate Traders Programme

Once again I have been really impressed by the very high standard of James Egan and his team in teaching their really well thought through trading strategies and overall approach to risk management. This course is excellent and the overall quality of it bears testimony to the depth of experience and knowledge that the AcademyFT team are able to bring to bear on the subject. I have been consistently impressed by the patience and quality of their teaching, and their open and honest approach to everything they do in this course. They provide participants with an honest and realistic approach to trading in a most disciplined way. Having now completed the course and learning in Demo mode how to put the training into practice, I know that if I apply the rigorous approach to trading that they have taught me, I will have a real chance to achieve the kind of positive results that I am looking for in my trading activity.

Gerry, Australia
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

A testimonial for our Foundation Trading Programme

I had wanted to take a good course in financial trading for a long time but could not find one which could actually teach "from the inside of markets danger and opportunities". It always felt like something not spoken of. One day I got an advertisement where I found the "Foundation Course in Financial Trading" and then I thought "yeah, maybe it'll work, maybe not. We'll see what they have to say. Let's try and find out." Honestly guys...after my first lesson the answer was "They know what they're talking about". I had a good feeling about this course and came to the next lesson and to the next . . . I missed the l0th lesson because of my job but it wasn't a problem because I had access to the video 24 hours after the lesson ended. One remarkable thing to write about... all of the letters that I wrote to them concerning different questions from "how can I access my lesson videos" to "what is margin" were answered within 24 hours, usually quicker.

A testimonial for our Ultimate Traders Programme

After The Foundation Course I wanted to move further and learn "how to drive a car". From the very beginning they offer a very clear and simple programme: how to enter a trade; when a trade should be exit; how many trades you're allowed to have etc. Sometimes simplicity doesn't work like a convincing argument but in this case I was sure I would learn how to enter the trade and when I should exit it and how many trades I'm allowed to have at the same time. One thing was left to do - to work through this course and learn. Support was and is at the same high level and I still have access to my lesson videos (after 2 months). I have good contact with the support team and I'm happy I found them.

There is no doubt that these courses and every single guy behind them will deliver what they promise.

I strongly recommended them among the many courses on the financial trade market front!

Pavel K.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

A testimonial for our Foundation Trading Programme

2013 heralded the year that "I was going to increase my financial literacy". A self imposed project for the year. One of the things I decided to do was learn about on-line trading. I knew absolutely nothing. I enrolled for the Foundation course and attended the webinars, not only were they professionally presented but the information was broken down into sections that enabled a novice like myself to follow.

I enjoyed the sessions and James (like a true Irishman) injected humour quite often. Sometimes it was just nice listening to his accent.
Like anything worth doing, it took time and I went over sessions again myself to embed what I had learnt before the next session. All questions asked; no matter how simplistic during the webinars or individually via emails were answered promptly and professionally.
The resources available such as the webinar sessions that a member can watch and listen to anytime are invaluable.

A testimonial for our Ultimate Traders Programme

The Ultimate Traders Programme is the icing on the cake, this is when you actually get some practical trading experience. The information was shared in the same way, professionally and thoughtfully. Major points were repeated several times to ensure everyone was on board with the information. Live interaction during the webinars meant that any point made that wasn’t understood could be explained again - which James did quite often (quite a patient man I am guessing). Good educators usually have in-depth experience about their subject and I am sure that the AFT team deliver such a good educational package because of their trading experience.
I have now got a live account after practicing AFT strategies and rules on demo accounts. I am only a beginner but I feel supremely confident that as time goes on I will be able to meet my aim of making enough money from trading to reduce my working hours.
Aside from that I have found a great new pastime that I really love doing!

I really appreciate two things about the AFT team.
1. Risk assessment and risk management is talked about in great detail; if you adhere to the education given you will never over commit yourself. That is a great feeling of security.
2. Even though I have completed the Ultimate Traders Programme I still have my questions answered quickly and promptly and I trust the responses that I receive. To me this exhibits great integrity and professional accountability.

Helen P. New Zealand
Testimonials Academy of Financial Trading

What I thoroughly enjoyed about the Trading Foundation Course, was that we were not encouraged to trade but were reminded of the dangers regularly and this kept us grounded. The lessons were extremely well structured. This I greatly appreciated, as I do not have a background in investing, trading or banking but could follow easily enough.

The Ultimate Traders Programme was so much fun! As a busy woman, I missed a lesson or two at night but felt secure knowing that my notes and video of the lesson would be available within 24 hours. This allowed me time to study at my own pace when it best suited me. James always responded within a few hours to any questions no matter how simple it might have been. The passion with which he spoke when explaining tough concepts made it easier to grasp. He also answered any questions I had very promptly months after I did the course.

I have already strongly recommended The Academy of Financial Trading to my friends and will continue to do so!

Melanie B.
Foundation Trading Programme Testimonials Academy of Financial Trading

The Academy FT Foundation course was far superior to the other providers. The content was delivered well and done in an interactive style, this was of huge benefit as it allows questions which means full understanding. I was genuinely surprised at the amount of support time that was put in from AcademyFT. They really do care that everyone understands what they teach.... It is a good sign when you look forward to the days the course is taking place!

This Ultimate course was absolutely brilliant. I was apprehensive at first at spending the course fee however am extremely pleased I did so. With anything like this trusting the course providers is vital but I felt they had delivered so much on the Foundation course so went for it! The Ultimate content is superb.. Having done that I am now able to follow their trading approach as well as look to create my own trading concepts. With all course materials available afterwards (and forever), I have an edge compared to many other retail traders. The course teaches you to be realistic and that hard work is required to succeed. Just like the Foundation course, the support is excellent; 2nd to none! I can't praise the team at AcademyFT enough!

Chris B.
Foundation Trading Programme Testimonials Academy of Financial Trading

I had an opportunity to benchmark the Foundation Course against another education provider and found the Academy of Financial Trading outperforming. The course was well structured and well delivered. From the beginning I knew I was dealing with experienced professionals. I liked the common sense approach very much. Over the 10 hours course I learnt more than over three-day course with the other crowd. That was what convinced me to join Ultimate Traders Programme.

After completing the Foundation Course I expected a lot from the Ultimate Traders Programme and it fully met my expectations. The content was based on solid theoretical grounds and psychology, and professionally delivered. Then followed the excellent tools designed to help us with our trading. The information provided during the course is not to be found anywhere else on the Internet. Each session has also been made available online for review.

The support is provided long after the course ends. I do not have any hesitation in strongly recommending.

Arkadiusz S.
Foundation Trading Programme Testimonials Academy of Financial Trading

This is the first educational course I have ever taken that actually does what it says on the tin and delivers without all the normal hype that usually comes from educational traders. Not only is it obvious that these guys are the real deal and are experts in their arena but James is an excellent teacher making complex material very easy to digest and at times even funny.

The course content is delivered in an order that naturally leads you on to the next lesson and with plenty of live examples and also a chance to ask any questions at the end of the lesson. You can be sure that everything will be clear by the end of each. If that wasn't enough you can log in to the site online and watch the lessons as many times as you like and they provide on-going support so that you meet your trading goals. Everything is included in the price and you do not get the hard sell at the end wanting you to pay more to take you to the "next level" and leaving you disappointed with what you purchased. I cannot recommend this course enough to anyone who wants to profit from trading. Save yourself time, money and frustration and do the Ultimate Traders Course.

Alan H.
Foundation Trading Programme Testimonials Academy of Financial Trading

I first got introduced to trading through a friend of mine, who confused me beyond belief and made me swear to never get involved in trading. But the one thing that interested me was being in control of my money. I did some of my own research on Forex markets, but I can safely say that my first foundation webinar with AcademyFT was my first real day of trading education. The Foundation Course is exactly what you would want - a complete course that lays the foundation for understanding financial markets.

The Ultimate Traders programme is very well thought out and implemented. It has given me confidence and taught me more than I could ever have imagined. One of its main aims is to separate the student from a retail trader's line of thinking and to teach strategy and risk management. AcademyFT do not give any false promises or illusions of grandeur. They teach their methods, which if applied successfully will lead to a successful, risk aware trader. I also know that if I should run into any problems or need any advice AcademyFT will be on hand to assist me. Thanks for all your on-going help.

Ryan I.
Foundation Trading Programme Testimonials Academy of Financial Trading

In my experience as a beginner trader meeting the AFT has been a learning curve, in fact a mile stone in this exciting journey in the financial markets. These guys don't mess about with hype or promises. They are serious about education and making money. For us beginners there are sharks just waiting to eat our wallets with misdirection and curve fitted stuff. This is a real and raw wake up call for those who are serious about making a success of this. They teach being balanced and to interrogate everything you come across. Thank you guys for the continued support and the phone calls the process so far has been more than I could imagine. You are really exceptional.

Kind regards, Prince S
Foundation Trading Programme Testimonials Academy of Financial Trading

I am no spring chicken and have tried many systems and attended many webinars on financial trading over the years.

In 2012, I attended a two day 'Ultimate Trader' course in Dublin with 8 other adults, given by James Egan and Adrian Murphy. Yes it was intensive and rapid but easy to understand as they both answered all questions and explained every aspect of entry points and risk management in fine detail. The time literally flew and I left there a much wiser man. However, the best was yet to come as James has been ever helpful on the phone and the support he gives is refreshing.

I spent many months testing the techniques taught by the Academy using a trading demo account profitably by following the course guidelines as best as I could.

I am very confident that my studies with The Academy of Financial Trading will stand the test of real money trading.

Dan O'B.
Foundation Trading Programme Academy of Financial Trading

The foundation course provides anyone, regardless of prior experience, with a detailed yet manageable level of knowledge about the markets. I found it to be extremely useful for extending my current knowledge of the markets and helping me to identify key areas to develop in the future. The level of service and transparency provided is perhaps the most important aspect as this is education at its purest, with their clients development central to their philosophy.

The Ultimate Traders course teaches the most important aspects of trading such as risk management, personal disciplines and what you should really expect from the markets in terms of the commitment required and the profit that you can expect to realistically make. All the content that is covered comes from trusted and reliable members of the AFT team who have wealth of experience in a variety of market across the world which gives me confidence in the strategies and technique they teach. I found the course and my experience with AFT to be one that has been enjoyable, insightful and educational and has given me both the knowledge required and tools to continue to develop and succeed in the markets.

Danny J.
Testimonials Academy of Financial Trading

I have been attempting to trade as a business venture for almost two years with limited success. I have attended several high profile highly expensive FOREX trading courses. Making 300 to 400 pips a week sitting all day every day at my computer is not very enjoyable with at times some serious losses. What I wanted in the first instance was an educator that was sincere and treated me with respect as a business person doing a business course. I found this with the Academy of Financial Trading. I recommend this course to people who want to take their trading to a higher level, accelerate their goals and increase their winning as a trader. The course is based on sound principles and will enable the business trader to approach the market more confidently. A specific plan is set out which reduces losses quickly and lets profits run. It will stop impulsive emotionally charged actions which can simply wipe out your entire account. There are a clear set of ground rules for how I am running this as a business and correcting Retail Trader traits. It requires discipline but you will have more fun when you get it right. You will also have more patience having rules based trading. I trade like the institutions. I have a life again. Master your emotions and trade yourself.

Andy H.
Testimonials Academy of Financial Trading

A testimonial for our Foundation Trading Programme

Having been learning to trade for a year or so, using demo accounts, I was finding that whilst I wasn't necessarily making huge losses, it was always one step forward and another backwards, I was, I suppose, treading water. I felt that I needed further tuition. I enrolled on the foundation course with already some idea of trading and what it entails but I needed guidance to put the thought processes together into a logical format for trading. Well that is exactly what I got. The great thing is that anybody without prior knowledge needn't be concerned that they will be left behind, disappearing into a pile of jargon and phrases which only seasoned traded understand. Throughout each online session you are free to enter questions into the chat box which will all be addressed at the end of the webinar. I personally have also bombarded James with emails over the last 12months and not one has gone unanswered, for which I am eternally grateful.
The ongoing support quite simply is unparalleled.
Also the complete webinars are made available online and you are given log in details so you can keep going back over them as much as you need whenever you like. This is a great tool because it is amazing how many comments/tips/observations didn’t go in the first, second or third time even though you were convinced it had your undivided attention.
It was from this positive step forward, and the already admirable support I was being given, which gave me the confidence in The Academy of Financial Trading to take the plunge and enrol on their Ultimate Traders course, which is where the learning curve really steps up a few gears. . . and I am glad I did.
I make no hesitation in recommending enrolment onto both the foundation and/or ultimate traders program and have indeed already done so to other people I know with an interest in trading.

A testimonial for our Ultimate Traders Programme

I enrolled on the Ultimate Traders course following the further knowledge I gained on the Foundation course.
Following on from the knowledge gained and principles explained on the foundation course, the ultimate course is a complete learning program and trading strategy, with bespoke indicators, which are provided free of charge, all designed take a novice retail trader and make them profitable.
The idea is to try and teach a novice trader to trade in a similar manner to a professional trader, in other words, doing the opposite to what other retail traders would normally do.
To that end, the trading strategy is designed so that, as a beginner, a lot of the technical analysis entry/exit/stop loss decisions are taken away from the trader and are made definitive by indicator locations and other existing trade positions. Do not think that this means it is an automated trading system, which invariably lose, you still have plenty of work to do, and learning the correct methods take time, patience, effort and commitment.
Throughout the ultimate course webinars, questions are encouraged to be entered into the chat box at any point and are usually answered there and then in order to make clear the issue before moving on. This is very good because I found that other people start asking the same question you are about to, it makes you realise how valid your question was and encourages you to ask more questions. The course is very well structured and James Egan, the course tutor, is a very amiable and patient fella. (The number of questions and emails I have sent him, both during and post-completion of the ultimate traders course, I am surprised he hasn’t changed his email address but he continues to be a very willing teacher. . . cheers James).
I cannot stress enough, the ongoing support quite simply is unparalleled.
The course covers everything from entries, exits, position sizing, stop adjustment, record keeping and diversified portfolio choice and structures it in a way which you can manage on a daily basis, Monday - Friday, within an hour or so after work or whenever is right for you. Now I have been at it for a while it rarely takes more than half an hour which means you are not chained to your trading terminal for hours on end trying to fit it in with a full time job.
The strategy can be run from a demo account, meaning NOT your own money, for as long as you need to, and nobody at The Academy of Financial Trading has ever suggested moving onto a live account until you feel comfortable and more importantly are profitable.
I make no hesitation in recommending enrolment onto both the foundation and/or ultimate traders program and have indeed already done so to other people I know with an interest in trading.

Paul R.
Foundation Trading Programme Academy of Financial Trading

As a neophyte in world of trading, I have enjoyed the Foundation course. The team of AcademyFT provides an excellent overview of the complex world of financial trading. They deliver clear, lively and interactive courses. They have always been available when I needed and answered all my questions. This experience was very enjoyable and most importantly allowed me to grasp the essential concepts of trading.

I therefore decided to take on the next step, the Ultimate Trader Programme. No false promise, everything stated before the course has been delivered: complete trading strategies, clear risk management strategies, great and constant support, all in an enjoyable but professional environment. They have been very honest about the different aspects of trading including the discipline and work required. From this solid basis I keep learning and I have been able to start trading using their proven method.

Best Regards,

Christian T.
Foundation Trading Programme Academy of Financial Trading

A testimonial for our Ultimate Traders Programme

I had no desire to be in front of a screen all day and the Ultimate trader`s course certainly convinced me that this is possible. It taught me to accept uncertainty and that trading is an exercise in probability and money management with psychology. In fact, if you`re trading with good risk management it can be somewhat boring but I could deal with that if the rewards were worth it. It also appealed to me, the way you didn`t have to predict the future, just cut out the emotion and follow the price action on the charts. It was far from gambling, I was amazed at the degree of logic and consistency of approach required to be a good trader.

Glenn A.
Foundation Trading Programme Academy of Financial Trading

A testimonial for our Foundation Trading Programme

The foundation course is the perfect start to anyone who is interested in trading, with little or even no understanding on the subject. The contents will give you a flawless idea of what trading is all about, with clear and concise information. The training sessions and very easy to access and the tutors are extremely helpful during, and after, the training sessions. The video access makes the session simple to watch if you have missed any, as they are available 24/7. In conclusion, this course will get you all the essentials to understand how to trade and what mistakes to avoid, I couldn't recommend it enough.

A testimonial for our Ultimate Traders Programme

If you are serious about trading, this course is a must. You will not learn this much anywhere else, in so little time. The sessions are excellently structured, and will provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to become a proficient trader. The tutors are highly capable of answering any question or doubt, and can be trusted to reply to any queries honestly and promptly. At the end of the course you will have all the tools, strategies and skills that you need to start trading. The video access allows you to go over sessions as many times as you want, and even after the course is over, which is great if you can't make it to some of the sessions. Months after completing the course I had some questions, contacted one of the tutors, and got the exact answers I was looking for in no time. You will always be supported during and after the course.
As I said at the start, this course is a must.

Marco N.
Foundation Trading Programme Academy of Financial Trading

I would describe the Foundation course as providing an ideal introductory point for those who wish to understand more about the world of trading and whether it is suited to them. It covers all of the necessary areas and is careful to highlight the potential pitfalls involved.

Any slight remaining doubt I had about proceeding with the Ultimate Trader course was soon dispelled after a phone call with James Egan. The guys at the AcademyFT are accessible, helpful and honest.

I found the Ultimate Traders course to be excellent in terms of both content and clarity. The Academy of Financial Trading provide a step by step guide on exactly how to become a Trader. They provide a strategy and all of the tools necessary for you to successfully manage your own trading account.

I would not recommend anyone to begin trading the markets without first having undertaken this course.

Paul L.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

I come from a background with no experience from trading, but I have always had an interest for trading. I had no idea where to start if I wanted to learn more about it. I found Academy of Financial Trading and decided to give it a shot, which turned out to be one of my best decisions in my life.

The foundation course explained the basics in an easy way and made you want to learn more and more. The support was excellent and all my questions were answered quick and understandable. Therefore I decided to continue to the Ultimate Trading Program (UTP). In the next program (UTP) the intensity where higher and you learned a lot more. You got new knowledge and tools that will help you a lot in the future. The questions were answered quickly and I was always satisfied with the answers I got.

The communication with the academy work perfectly. My emails were replied rapidly and the content answered my question.

Overall, the course was brilliant and certainly money well spent!

Yousuf O. Sweden
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Dear All,

I am very much satisfied with the 10 Part Online Trading Foundation Course from Academy of Financial Trading. As career development are now keys to organizational success, I strongly recommend this learning solutions to all my friends to keep ourselves agile and current. Its blended learning products and time-schedule flexibility with the video access of webinars is better and cost savings option over the traditional classroom. These self-paced courses featured interactive webinars which finally helps us to absorb the concept of stock trading completely.

Its course assessments/ Quizes provides me the ability to gauge learner knowledge after attending the webinars. It helped me a lot in enhancing my knowledge on Fundamental and Technical Analysis. I have just completed Online Trading Foundation Course and with my experience I am 100% confident that, I can improve my skills on equity and currency trading on a regular basis.

I would also like to appreciate the efforts of Academy of Financial Trading team in assisting me to understand the concept and complete the course and would like to say thanks specially to James for quickly responding to my emails and resolving issues.

"It`s worth spending some valuable time with Academy of Financial Trading!"

Thanks and Regards,

Saikat P, Bangalore - India

Dear All,

hi my name is les, having absolutely no experience in trading I was very worried about doing foundation course but as I got into 1st couple of lessons I became very interested and it was very enjoyable and James and the team made me feel relaxed and it was also fun as well, as I progressed into the Ultimate Traders Programme I have to admit it was a lot harder but eventually it all fell into place and all my email questions to the team were answered promptly, I have now finished course but still email them and have to say it makes me feel safe and proud to be part of Academy of Financial Trading, les,

Les S. United Kingdom
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Hi James,

I would like to thank you for your expertise and professionalism throughout the Foundation Trading Course. I have really learned a great deal, coming from a position of practically zero knowledge of financial trading, the course has really given me the confidence that I can do this and safely. I intend to continue practicing on the demo account for the next few months and hopefully make all the mistakes that I am going to in there! Thank you for making trading accessible and hopefully profitable for me.

Kind regards,

Martin F. Ireland
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Thank you James.

Have found the course absolutely fascinating. Both due to the content and but largely due to your excellent delivery of it.

Although I didn't ask many questions along the way, I'll definitely be in touch as I go through the videos!

Speak soon

Tom R.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Hi James,

Thank you for your email.

For me as well is was a great pleasure to take part in the Foundation Trading Course.

All material was presented in a very understandable manner, it was especially good for me, as I'm completely new in trading.

I would like to join the Ultimate Traders Programme, as I feel you have great company with a lot of good specialists working in trading.

So I'd like to thank all of you for these sessions.


Jevgenijus B.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Good Morning James,

I just needed to compliment on the presentation last night. I feel that the amount I paid has actually been repaid last night and the best is yet to come. The portfolio management process has put all of us a few light years ahead of most other retail traders.

Thanks very much.


Jacques B.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Dear All

Wish to say thank you . . . I have thoroughly enjoyed the lectures from the Foundation Trading Programme.

I enjoy how the lectures are structured as do I appreciated your service, transparency and honesty.

I cannot believe I never attempted Trading before as I am loving it and I especially like technical analysis and looking for opportunities on the graphs.

Thank you again, glad I grabbed this opportunity!!!!

Kind Regards

Nola E.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Hi James,

Just a quick email to say that the course [UTP] has been excellent and has to date exceeded my expectations as did the Foundation Trading Programme. I thought that the FTP had been so good that the UTP might suffer by comparison but that has not been the case. In any case congratulations, you have done a top class job with the UTP course.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards

Larry M.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Today's session was incredible. I think it’s the best trading seminar I've ever heard so far. You weren’t beating around the bush and it felt like you were cutting ignorance out of the mind of the typical beginner. That's the type of style I like and would love to see more of.

Thank you

Michael O.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Just wanted to say thanks, enjoying the course so far and it feels like the investment has put me on the right path to possibly making a side-line/career for myself. Staying at home with 3 kids aside!

Mark H.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, James Egan and your team for giving me and others a great insight into trading and to let you know that I found each session to be very interesting and appreciate all of your teaching techniques, especially for beginners like me.

Many Thanks,

Mark W.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Thank you for providing me a great introductory course on financial trading. It was good and I really learnt a lot from you all.

It really wetted my appetite to try my hand in real live trading at some point in the future. Do keep up the good job and best wishes to more successes coming your way with the Academy.

Max H.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Have to say I'm very impressed with the quality and service of the course to date. I'm still a little out of my depth but am 'reading around the subject' in an effort to keep up.

It is great to be able to access the videos also; I've missed a couple of sessions but am able to keep up using this tool. I'm really looking forward to the next few sessions. Appreciate your time and thanks for a great course so far.

Finn McG.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Thank you for a fabulous course, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

At the moment I am feeling quite confused regarding the overall trading process, but I am also convinced that with repeated viewing of the videos and getting on to a practice account, along with your on-going support, this will be rectified.

I am sure I will be regularly in touch over the next few months. Thank you all once again.

Andy M.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

I want to thank you guys for a wonderful and educative course. As I mentioned earlier you guys are excellent and dedicated teachers. Take care and may the graphs be with you! :-)

Marcus M.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

I recently got a new job, which I get back rather late from; so I have been viewing the recordings instead.

I absolutely love the webinars. Everything is explained simply with examples and it is very easy to follow.

Catherine L.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

This is really interesting stuff! I like that you take real examples from "today" and predict what might happen - now, THAT'S sticking your neck out!

Also that you're not affiliated with any particular broker give you a very serious (whatstheword?) feel. I look forward to the remaining sessions!

Lars B.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Overall, the course has been exactly what I was looking for, as it meets all of my objectives and I thorough enjoy it as well. I am new to trading and the course offers me with great tools for starting to trade. The contents is also very clear and concise and it is excellent to know about the after course support.

Lastly, please give my gratitude to everyone in the Academy of Financial Trading.

Andreas K.
Ultimate Trading Programme Testimonial Academy of Financial Trading

Just wanted to say a big thanks for your time and efforts on what I consider to be a very well balanced and structured course on trading management.

Despite being a very amateur (but keen!) trader, it is a delight to see the emphasis on Money management and the process rather than the outcome.

I fervently believe that given the excellent grounding you have provided that, provided I do my part and stick to what has been emphasised, then I will succeed.

Once again, many thanks and I look forward to keeping in touch and sharing with you my trials, tribulations and successes along the way! I would certainly have no problems in referring friends and colleagues towards you company should they wish to further their knowledge and I wish you and the company all the success now and long into the future.

David W.

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