Reviews And Awards

The courses offered by the Academy of Financial Trading are superb. I attended the Foundation Trading program in January 2015 and then the Ultimate Traders Program in April 2015 and both were excellent. All attendees to the courses receive an Account Manager who is available to give you individual support and assistance. After the course was completed, my Account Manager still kept in touch with me to find out how my trading was going and if I needed any extra support and assistance which he was glad to give on an ongoing basis whenever I required. I highly recommend the Financial Trading Courses offered by the Academy of Financial Trading for anyone who is interested in learning how to trade financial markets.
Kreyan K.

On one side, the entry and the UTP trainings have really given me a solid foundation to start trading - hopefully - more successfully. Especially, the risk management aspect was very useful as I am still struggling to limit the loses. This coming from my investor days where I didn't really care about short term ups and downs. Also very much appreciate the discussions around entries and exits. Furthermore, the write ups of the various classes is very useful and I keep referring back to them. The topic that was slightly less useful to me as being located in Switzerland that 1% rule. While I agree from a risk management perspective it would be very useful but the fees in Switzerland are fairly high. Even though I am with the broker with the lowest fees, it will cost me per trade still at least CHF 25, thus CHF 50 overall (buying and selling). Making up that amount with small trade amounts is very challenging and doesn't really pay off. I'd like to thank you and your team very much for offering these great courses.
Patrick F

I have been trading for quite some years now and I also have been studying technical analysis in all its aspects. Putting things together I had some kind of momentum trading criteria but never reached enough consistency in my trading. After the FTP and UTP I now realize I have been trading my opinion and did not listen enough to what the market was telling. And that resulted in inconsistency. After completing the UTP I now have a very clear set of rules and perfect trade sizing tools, which are also very easy to use. I know perfectly in advance where to enter, exit and the amount of risk involved. Trading this way greatly reduced the stress involved with live capital trading, and since it takes opinions out of the decision making process, also eliminates the “did I do right?” question. Trading has become more clinical and much less emotional. The one thing that one should say about the Academy is its fantastic customer service. Any time I have questions, I just mail or call my account manager, and always get my questions answered. Also, the weekly follow- up classes are a great tool to keep learning. I really feel I did not just take some course, but became part of the Ultimate Trading family. Highly recommendable!
Frederik, Spain

My name is Sue. I work with my husband in our family bakery in Tauranga, New Zealand. We have two adult children. But what people don’t know about me is that thanks to the Academy of Financial Trading I am a successful Financial Trader! About 12 months ago I enrolled in their Foundation Course, followed by their Ultimate Trading Course. I also attend the weekly ‘Live Application’ Webinars. The training and support I have received from The Academy of Financial Training has been absolutely brilliant. I cannot speak more highly of their commitment to my success and the content of the course. I believe I have received great value for money. Everything that is required has been provided in the single cost of the Ultimate Trading Course. This included all the software and the content notes, plus many one on one phone calls. I am very grateful to the Tutors for sharing with me this great proven system. It allows me to protect my capital while also investing at the right times. Am I making money? Yes. Do I sleep at night? Yes I am having some fun and investing like the big boys! So, I would like to encourage all the woman out there to give trading ago. But be successful and train through The Academy of Financial Trading.
Sue B.

I highly recommend everyone who is interested in trading to take the Ultimate Traders Program. This academy is very helpful. The courses offered are very interesting and clear and the best part is the support team. Thank you so much AFT!!!! Your the best!!!!
Melissa P.

Once again I have been really impressed by the very high standard of the team in teaching their really well thought through trading strategies and overall approach to risk management. This course is excellent and the overall quality of it bears testimony to the depth of experience and knowledge that the AcademyFT team are able to bring to bear on the subject. I have been consistently impressed by the patience and quality of their teaching, and their open and honest approach to everything they do in this course. They provide participants with an honest and realistic approach to trading in a most disciplined way. Having now completed the course and learning in Demo mode how to put the training into practice, I know that if I apply the rigorous approach to trading that they have taught me, I will have a real chance to achieve the kind of positive results that I am looking for in my trading activity.
Gerry, Australia

After The Foundation Course I wanted to move further and learn "how to drive a car". From the very beginning they offer a very clear and simple programme: how to enter a trade; when a trade should be exit; how many trades you're allowed to have etc. Sometimes simplicity doesn't work like a convincing argument but in this case I was sure I would learn how to enter the trade and when I should exit it and how many trades I'm allowed to have at the same time. One thing was left to do - to work through this course and learn. Support was and is at the same high level and I still have access to my lesson videos (after 2 months). I have good contact with the support team and I'm happy I found them. There is no doubt that these courses and every single guy behind them will deliver what they promise. I strongly recommended them among the many courses on the financial trade market front!
Pavel K

The Ultimate Traders Programme is the icing on the cake, this is when you actually get some practical trading experience. The information was shared in the same way, professionally and thoughtfully. Major points were repeated several times to ensure everyone was on board with the information. Live interaction during the webinars meant that any point made that wasn’t understood could be explained again - which he did quite often (quite a patient man I am guessing). Good educators usually have in-depth experience about their subject and I am sure that the AFT team deliver such a good educational package because of their trading experience. I have now got a live account after practising AFT strategies and rules on demo accounts. I am only a beginner but I feel supremely confident that as time goes on I will be able to meet my aim of making enough money from trading to reduce my working hours. Aside from that I have found a great new pastime that I really love doing! I really appreciate two things about the AFT team. 1. Risk assessment and risk management is talked about in great detail; if you adhere to the education given you will never over commit yourself. That is a great feeling of security. 2. Even though I have completed the Ultimate Traders Programme I still have my questions answered quickly and promptly and I trust the responses that I receive. To me this exhibits great integrity and professional accountability.
Helen P. New Zealand