Trading Platform Support

Coming from financial brokerage backgrounds, we at the Academy are experienced and fully aware of the on-going need for client support in relation to day to day trading. Any clients of the Academy will have access to help with any day to day trading requirements.

Some typical day to day support issues include:

  • Entry and Market Orders
  • Indicators - what they specifically measure / represent. Use and value of each.
  • Potential Slippage Queries
  • Platform Technical Issues
  • Expert advisors (EAs) - merits and implementation to MT4
  • Broker related queries
  • World Market opening and closing
  • Major Announcements of the Day
  • And a myriad of others...

What sets the Academy of Financial Trading apart is the support we offer our traders. Trading can be a lonely game and it is vital that traders stay connected with like-minded experienced traders to question and also assist with any trading techniques employed. We are here to help and realise that our central focus on clients will make the Academy of Financial Trading the number one trading educator globally.

Tools & Resources for Financial Trading

There are a lot of great trading resources on the web, most of which are free. We have picked some of the best out there that you can access immediately.

Also note that many of the sites below have plenty more useful tools and resources when you browse through their sites:

Mac Trading Software Assistance

News and Analysis

Be sure to check back again soon!

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Please contact us if you need support.