With each New Year comes the inevitable New Year resolutions.  For those who are interested in the markets – in becoming a trader – a resolution can be very specific.  Start trading!

We are all most likely familiar with the phrase that we must “strike while the iron is hot”.  There is no “hotter” time to trade than the start of the calendar year.  Why is this?

It is because the most influential traders from the largest companies are now returning to their desks after the Christmas holidays.  They are now actively looking to take positions in markets which they feel will provide them with the greatest potential returns – both on the long and the short side – between now and the end of May.  Simply put, they are looking to make as much money as possible between now and then, so that they can take the summer break once more in the Hamptons.

Does this matter to you?  It absolutely should.  There is a saying within the trading community that you “sell in May, and go away”.  This means that now is the very best time to enter.  It is no secret that we copy the most profitable traders – the market makers and the largest trading entities.  These are the people who move the markets and cause trending moves to occur.

The Academy of Financial Trading can help you achieve your trading goals for 2015.

Our online trading courses are accessible to all.  If you are not able to attend a live and interactive class, then the recording of each specific class will be available to you.  This still comes with full support from our team of experienced traders.

In short, we are available at all times to help you stick to your trading resolution!