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Since its inception in 2012, the Academy of Financial Trading has been on somewhat of a crusade… to teach people how to trade correctly.  We are determined to provide those with an interest in trading with an honest, clear and complete education – one which will not only just expound the rewards, but will also concentrate on the risks involved in trading.

All too frequently, potential traders get caught up in the buzz of trading – in the excitement of entering a market, and of achieving a return of several hundred percent in one trade.  This is a clear indication that the trader is behaving like a novice.

The ease of access whereby people can access the financial markets is increasing.  The advances in mobile technology has meant that anyone is now able to trade at any time… regardless of your experience.  You can trade from your sofa.  You can trade during your lunch break, whilst sitting on a park bench.  You can trade from a bus stop, before you start your daily commute.

Online brokers are aware of this.  Their advertising budgets and marketing departments tend to target the inexperienced, with images and suggestions of grandeur.  At the Academy of Financial Trading, we believe that unless you know exactly what you are doing, unless you have a proven trading strategy, then failure is a distinct and likely possibility.

Having emphasised our conservative, risk based approach, we are delighted to have now educated in excess of 100,000 students.  We regard this as a phenomenal milestone, and we feel that it is a testament to our supportive based educational offerings.

We are also hugely excited to announce that we have been honoured to be presented with three distinct awards by Global Banking and Finance magazine.  We have been recognised as the Best Online Trading Academy 2015 Australasia, the Best Online Trading Academy 2015 Europe and the Best Online Trading Academy 2015 USA.

AcademyFT Awards 2015

We will continue to strive to provide our students with a service above and beyond what is expected, and we look forward to assisting those who wish to learn exactly how the markets work, and what is required in order to trade successfully.