It’s fair to say that all Russian related markets are chaotic at the moment – in fact that might be somewhat of an understatement.

We always find it interesting when “financial news” manages to make its way into the “mainstream news”, the number of email enquiries and phone enquiries related to that specific news item increases exponentially.

It comes as no surprise to see that the majority of people are looking for a Forex trading  tutorial.  When the mainstream media starts to report on the excessive movements of the Russian rouble, it is only natural that people feel that they are missing out on an opportunity to trade.  There is a basic human emotion of regret – regret that they had not started trading the week before, because they almost certainly would have been in the market, and in the correct direction, in order for this trade to prove highly profitable for them.

However, first people should learn to trade.

It is one thing to notice that a market is moving quite violently.  It is another thing entirely to understand why it is moving in such a fashion.  Further to that, it is yet another thing to know exactly where you should enter the market.  Traders should never really be interested in the “Why” aspect.  They should only ever really be concerned about the “What”.

The reason behind this is simple – by the time the average trader has figured out “why”, the move is over, and the professional trader has his profits realised.  Those who made the most from the Russian trade were the ones who have been in it from the start – not those who have entered recently.  There is an old saying – “If you can spot a band-wagon, you are too late!”